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Automatic Food/Water Dispenser

Automatic Food/Water Dispenser

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Perfect solution for busy pet owners seeking convenience and care for their beloved feline companions

This innovative device combines functionality with ease, ensuring your cat's dietary and hydration needs are met effortlessly.


> Generous Capacity: 2.1 kilograms for dry food and 3.8 liters for water, this feeder and dispenser duo minimizes the need for constant refills, providing your cat with a consistent supply throughout the day.

> Hydration Support: The integrated water dispenser encourages your cat to drink more water, promoting better hydration and potentially reducing urinary tract issues

>  Transparent Case: The transparent case allowes you to check the remaining food and water with a quick look, insuring to not overlook an empty storage container.

> Easy Maintenance: Designed with detachable components, cleaning and refilling become effortless tasks, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pet.

It's the ideal companion for any cat owner looking to simplify feeding routines without compromising on their pet's care

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