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Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

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Designed for efficiency and convenience

- activated with a simple press, this product revolutionizes your scrubbing experience.


> Effortless Cleaning: Our Iron Sponge with a built-in soap dispenser takes the hassle out of scrubbing tasks. With a quick press, you can effortlessly apply soap directly to the surface you're cleaning, saving you time and effort.

> Two-in-One Design: This product combines the power of an iron or PET sponge with a soap dispenser in one, streamlining your cleaning process. No need to carry a separate soap container; it's all right at your fingertips.

> Durable Materials: The container is made from high-quality plastic to ensure durability and a long product life. The iron or PET sponge is built to tackle tough stains and grime effectively.

> Precision Soap Application: The integrated soap dispenser allows for precise soap distribution, so you use just the right amount, avoiding waste and ensuring a thorough clean.

> Ergonomic Design: The dispenser's button is conveniently located on the handle, providing a comfortable grip and easy access to soap whenever you need it.

> Versatile Usage: Whether you're scrubbing dishes, countertops, or any other surfaces, our Iron Sponge with Integrated Soap Dispenser is a versatile tool that delivers exceptional results.

Experience the future of cleaning with our Iron Sponge featuring an integrated soap dispenser. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of managing soap separately while scrubbing. Enhance your efficiency, minimize waste, and achieve superior cleaning results with this innovative all-in-one solution. Make your cleaning routine a breeze with our Iron Sponge and enjoy the convenience it brings to your everyday tasks.

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